2015 Lexus RX shows its lines in the Toyota Harrier

There have been innumerable changes to the designs of the sport utility vehicle over the years but the Lexus RX has stayed very close to the original. Despite the lack of the Spindle grill you are looking at the next generation Lexus RX . We are pleased to bring you the first images.
Though the Lexus showed its sharply styled LF-NX Concept its clear here that they are not going to stray away from their most successful formula in the US Lexus conservative Styling. Though there is still a lot of -car tinsel here, the vehicle does not stray far from the Lexus formula. That trademark Lexus face, with the separate headlight and running light arrays and an even more extreme version of the "spindle" grille, is all you need to envision to figure out what your successful HR Director boomer grandma will be showing up in for 2014 thanksgiving dinner.